Stepping Stones Psychological Services of Princeton, LLC
Stepping Stones Psychological Services of Princeton, LLC 

     Helping You Move Forward One Step At A Time

Please note that both in person and telehealth sessions are being offered.  

Stepping Stones Psychological Services of Princeton, LLC provides individual and group therapy to children, adolescents, and their families.  Parenting support and school consultation services are also available. 

The mission of Stepping Stones is to provide a respectful, supportive, and purposeful environment in which to promote positive change.  The therapy techniques are based in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).  CBT is a type of therapy that is empirically driven.  This means that the strategies used in session are based on well-supported research that has developed specific techniques for specific problems, such as anxiety and depression.  CBT is an active therapy approach which involves an ongoing collaboration between the therapist and the client to ensure that goals are set and progress is made in a timely manner. The purpose of CBT is to help clients learn the strategies and skills they need in order to be successful in their lives as quickly and effectively as possible.



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